At, we provide licenses for unique, artist-focused music ideal for video, film, and advertising through reasonably priced, unlimited royalty-free licensing subscriptions.


Content Creator

$96 Billed Annually
  • Single YouTube Channel
  • Social Media Presence
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Podcasts / Video Blogs
  • One Website
  • Film Festival / Short Film Inclusions
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Global Perpetual Licenses
  • Option to Cancel Anytime
Professional/Small Business

Professional/Small Business

$144 Billed Annually
  • All from Content Creator
  • Multiple YouTube Channels
  • Commercial Endeavors
  • Wedding Video Productions
  • Multiple Websites
  • Non-Broadcast Film Productions
  • Coverage for Client Projects
  • Global Perpetual Licenses
  • Option to Cancel Anytime


Billed Annually
  • Everything from Content Creator
  • Everything from Professional
  • Broadcast TV & Film Inclusions
  • Streaming, Netflix, Amazon, etc.
  • Multi-Seat Licenses
  • Multi-Channel Networks
  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Platform Integrations
  • Music Curation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of music licenses?

All licenses are Global and Perpetual. Subscriptions come with unlimited music for unlimited projects completed/published while the subscription is active. All projects finalized during the subscription period will maintain their music licenses indefinitely, even after the subscription is canceled. You can cancel anytime.

Which subscription plan is suitable for me? takes pride in offering cost-effective unlimited licenses for all kinds of creators. Here's a brief rundown of our pricing tiers:

  • Content Creator

    This license offers unlimited downloads. It provides the right to use our music for individual content creators producing and publishing videos and other online content on their personal YouTube channel, website, and various online platforms. All licenses ensure global and perpetual usage.

  • Professional / Small Business

    This license grants unlimited downloads and the freedom to use our music in any project, encompassing usage for your company and productions developed by your company for your clients, including their YouTube channels and online platforms. All licenses guarantee global and perpetual use.

  • Enterprise

    This tier covers larger organizations, multi-seat licenses, TV broadcast productions, commercial projects with a film production budget over $1 million, music supervision and curation services, Software-as-a-Service platform integration, educational institutions, and bespoke business solutions. If your organization is interested in discussing your enterprise project, please get in touch with us, and we'll work on a solution tailored to your organization.

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