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What permissions does a music license grant me?

Your rights regarding the use of our music will vary depending on the type of license you choose. Here's a simplified guide:


This license allows for unlimited downloads and authorizes the use of our music for individual creators who are producing videos and publishing online content on their personal YouTube channel, website, and other digital platforms. This license covers worldwide and perpetual usage.


This license enables unlimited downloads and broad use in all types of media projects for your company, including productions developed for your clients. This covers their YouTube channels and online platforms as well. Just like our other licenses, this guarantees worldwide and perpetual usage.


This license is tailored for larger organizations, multi-seat licenses, TV broadcast productions, commercial projects with a budget exceeding $1 million, music supervision and curation services, SaaS platform integration, educational institutions, and bespoke business solutions. If your organization is interested in discussing your enterprise project, please reach out to us and we'll devise a solution to meet your needs.

How do subscriptions operate? How long is my license valid?

All music incorporated in your projects while you're subscribed to will retain their license indefinitely.

Even if you decide to cancel your subscription, you'll keep your license in perpetuity for all music used in all videos & projects published while your subscription was active. However, once the subscription is canceled, you won't be allowed to publish new videos with previously downloaded music.

Will I receive a license document for the songs I've downloaded?

Yes, for your assurance, we generate a license for every batch of songs downloaded from our site. This license provides you with proof of licensing, linking the song titles used for each of your project titles. Please keep this license safe for your records in case you need to demonstrate your lawful rights to use specific songs for your projects.

I'm currently subscribed, but my project requirements have shifted. Can I change my subscription tier mid-term?

Absolutely, it's possible to upgrade or downgrade your subscription tier. Simply get in touch with us through this LINK and we'll guide you through the process.

How frequently do you add new songs?

We introduce fresh music to our library every week. However, the exact number of new additions may vary.

How do you source bands and artists for your music?

Our process is quite straightforward. We approach bands and artists whose work we admire and believe our users would too. Additionally, we're always open to exploring new music submissions via our music submission page.

Do you offer alternative track versions and loops?

Many of our artists provide instrumental and other variations of their music. Some of them link these versions together for your convenience. You can also search for a track title and any available alternate versions will appear in the search results.

What are the costs for your music licenses?

The price of our licenses depends on several factors including usage. You can view our pricing structure by clicking HERE.

How can I determine if my projects are suitable for the Enterprise tier?

The Enterprise tier is designed for large organizations and multi-seat licenses, TV broadcast productions, commercial projects with a budget over $1 million, SaaS platform integration, educational institutions, and any custom business solutions. If your organization is interested in discussing your enterprise project, please contact us and we'll discuss a solution for your needs.

How do your custom music services function?

Our process is straightforward. You inform us about your project's specifics and what you're seeking. We then assemble a proposal with samples from a variety of our artists that we believe would be the perfect fit for your project. We collaborate with over 1,200 composers and artists and understand their unique strengths. We will manage and oversee the entire music process until you are completely satisfied with the delivery.

Will my subscription license cover my client's projects with music?

Yes, provided you are using either the INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE tier, your clients' projects will be fully covered!

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