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A Journey into Authentic Sound

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain." - Bob Dylan

Øystein WikaHello there!
I'm Øystein Wika, a guitarist, composer/songwriter, music producer, and the soul behind Soundlib.io. I've always been driven by a relentless pursuit of authenticity. My journey through music, intertwined with a passion for technology, has led to the creation of a platform that aims to connect creators with soul-stirring sounds. I believe that at the heart of every vision lies the potential for brilliance, and my purpose is to illuminate this brilliance through the power of sound.

Soundlib.io sprouted from a desire to bring to life the music production studio I founded in Oslo in the mid '90s, which later took a backseat as I ventured into software development. In 2020, after a 25-year hiatus, I decided it was time to turn the spotlight back onto my music, composing and curating sounds that carry a unique imprint of authenticity.

As a solo operator, Soundlib.io is a testament to my passion and dedication to music and technology. From the heart of Mosjøen, Norway, I have been busy recording and releasing my original compositions, primarily based on guitar-driven rock and related genres. We aim to cater to a niche audience - creators and producers who seek high-quality sounds that perfectly align with their content.

I remember delivering music to the Norwegian TV channel ZTV in 1996. It was a proud moment that underscored the potential reach of my music. Fast-forward to today, and my goal is to make my music accessible to audiences across the globe. That's why I'm working on a three-tier subscription model for Soundlib.io, offering creators - from individual YouTubers to large production companies - an avenue to discover and license exceptional, artist-driven music.

"Music's role in film, commercials, and all other mediums is to forge a bond with the audience... to stir emotion... and that simply cannot be manufactured."

I'm committed to crafting music with genuine emotion and authenticity, setting Soundlib.io apart from libraries filled with generic, mass-produced tracks. Each composition in the library results from thoughtful creation, not churned out mindlessly to fill space.

So, come join me on this harmonious journey. Together, we can amplify your narratives and bring your visions to life with the perfect soundtrack. Welcome to Soundlib.io - your gateway to authentic sounds.

Øystein Wika - Mosjøen, 2023

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